ESOS for Renaissance Care

ESOS for Renaissance Care


Incentive Carbon Management were commissioned by Renaissance Care to undertake ESOS assessments and notification for residential care homes in Scotland and to identify areas for significant efficiency improvements.
Renaissance Care, founded in 2004, provides residential care accommodation from multiple homes in Scotland, from Glasgow to Peterhead with main locations in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh with onsite kitchen and laundry facilities.

Every Renaissance home enjoys ongoing refurbishment to ensure that they always offer the highest standard of accommodation to residents in a warm, friendly and caring environment.

The ESOS surveys were spread over the available four year period making it easier to budget, and the resulting reports identified several areas where energy efficiency improvements could be implemented with improved comfort and resilience for continuity of service.

Performance Indicators

Recorded energy usage across Renaissance was almost 6,560 MWh (electricity, gas and transport). For the homes this equated to 1,620 tCO2 benchmarking at 74.9 kgCO2/m².

Water usage was over 31,000m³ equating to 165 litres/bed/day.

Typical Improvement Opportunities

Identified opportunities across the portfolio included:

  • LED Lighting – up to £70k reductions (short payback)
  • Insulation – up to £10k (medium payback)
  • Solar PV – up to £25k (long payback)
  • Boiler Upgrades – up to £5k reduction – improved resilience and performance
  • Electric to Gas for Hot Water – up to £20k reduction
  • Water efficiency measures – up to £3.5k reductions

Client Comment

“Incentive have supported our ESOS compliance for a number of years now. For us, they make the job effortless, undertaking their surveys in a professional and unobtrusive way, providing balanced recommendations and sound advice.”

William D. McLeish, Finance Director, Renaissance Care

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