ESOS and EAS for Link Asset Services

ESOS and EAS for Link Asset Services


Incentive Carbon Management were commissioned by Link Asset Services to undertake energy audits in the UK and Ireland for compliance with ESOS (UK) and the Energy Auditing Scheme (Ireland) and to identify areas for significant efficiency improvements.
Link Asset Services is part of Link Group’s Asset Services division and works in partnership internationally with almost 7,000 clients including asset managers and investors, business managers, asset owners, trustees, issuers and borrowers. Providing the infrastructure through which assets are secured or deployed in both regulated and unregulated markets.

The Energy Audits were undertaken early in 2019 in readiness for early compliance and followed a common format to the EN16347 Energy Auditing Standard, permitting compliance in both the UK and Ireland. The resulting reports identified several areas where energy efficiency improvements could be implemented with improved comfort and resilience for continuity of service.


Recorded energy usage across Link properties in UK and Ireland was just over 4,000 MWh (electricity, gas and transport). This equated to 1,510 tCO2 for UK and Ireland.

Typical Improvement Opportunities

• Identified opportunities across the portfolio included:
• LED Lighting – up to £15k reductions (short payback).
• Variable Speed Drives – up to £2k (short payback).
• Server Room temperature review – up to £2k for NIL investment.
• BMS Reviews – up to £3.5k (medium payback).
• Solar PV – up to £5.8k (long payback).
• Electric Vehicle Charge Points – providing the infrastructure for fleet upgrade.

Client Comment

“This was very informative, and we have already identified a quick win with a review of server room temperatures which will be conducted with IT as soon as possible. The other options will be subject to further consideration as there are financial implications, and in some cases, long paybacks but again, all will be subject to review.”

Mark Ringsell Divisional Facilities Manager Link Asset Services

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